Side Striped Jackal (Canis adustus)

Side-striped Jackal (Canis adustus) Silhouette

Quick stats of the Side Striped Jackal

  • Diet: - Carnivore
  • Shoulder Height: - 0.39 m
  • Weight: - Male - 10.5 kg
  • Weight: - Female - 9.9 kg
  • Lifespan - 12 years


Side Striped Jackal © TourSA

The Side Striped Jackal is found in north eastern South Africa and central Africa, in well-watered regions, these shy, nocturnal jackals are rarely seen during the day. Keeping to themselves, they are only found in small family groups, not in large packs.

They are similar looking to the black-backed jackal, but with a generally greyer appearance. They can be easily distinguished by the slanting white stripe from the front legs to the lower back on both sides of the body. They have a dark tail with a white tip.

Side-striped jackals are scavengers and also hunt their own prey consisting mainly of rodents, reptiles and insects. They also eat wild fruits and are highly dependant on water.

Two jackals will pair for life and after a gestation period of 60 days, raise 2 - 6 pups in a vacant burrow. Parents will both take turns to feed them, usually from mouth. Burrows may have several exits for the jackals to escape from when in danger.

Other Names for the Side Striped Jackal

  • Witkwasjakkals


Distribution map of the Side-striped Jackal
Distribution map of the Side-striped Jackal

Taxonomy of the Side Striped Jackal

  • Order - Carnivora
  • Family - Canidae
  • Genus - Canis
  • Species - Canis adustus

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