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Blue Duiker

Cephalophus monticola

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Red Duiker (Cephalophus natalensis) Silhouette

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The blue duiker is the smallest antelope in southern Africa, weighing a mere 4-5 kg. In addition it is very shy and tricky to spot - living in forests and along coastal thickets.

When in danger, the duiker will not hesitate to flee to cover beneath the undergrowth. Although they are cautious, they sometimes give themselves away. Their tail has a white underneath, which alerts predators.
The blue duiker’s diet consists of leaves and fruit. Living near to water is a necessity to this buck as it drinks frequently.

Its predators include eagles, pythons and large cats. The blue duiker lives alone or in pairs. A single lamb is born after a gestation period of 4 months throughout the year.

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Distribution map of the Blue Duiker
Distribution map
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Blue Duiker


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