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Taurotragus oryx

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African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) Silhouette

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Eland Bull © T Kellar

The Eland has a mass of about 650 kilograms - double that of kudu. Eland are by far the largest of the African antelope. Despite their large size, Eland can jump over a 2.5m high fence.

Thickset to a point of appearing overweight, they have a characteristic hump at the shoulder and a broad fold of skin dangling loosely below the neck. The body is covered with a short-haired yellowy brown or fawn coat, often with faint white vertical lines down the sides of the abdomen. Both sexes have moderate-sized horns, twisted into a spiral near the junction with the head. Females tend to have thinner and sometimes longer horns than males.

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Eland, which roam over very wide areas, prefer the open plains or sandy woodlands, generally being found in groups of four or five, but occasionally merging to form large herds of more than 100. They are browsers and grazers, feeding on both leaves and grasses as the opportunity arises.

The female eland has a gestation period of 9 months, after which they give birth to a single calf.

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