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Bat Eared Fox

Otocyon megalotis

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Bat Eared Fox (Otocyon megalotis) Silhouette

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The Bat Eared Fox is found in dry, semi-desert, bush lands and grasslands, these nocturnal foxes are very shy to humans.

They are easily identified by their extraordinarily large ears. The Bat Eared Fox also has smaller teeth than other foxes. Their ears aid it in pinpointing prey such as insects, birds, rodents and scorpions. They will also eat eggs and sometimes even fruit.

The Bat Eared Fox has a yellowish-brown coat with slightly darker face and dark ear tips as well as dark feet and a dark tail tip. The fox’s ears measure an amazing 13 cm long.

These foxes live in dens which they dig themselves or an old deserted animal burrow. They live in small groups consisting of two parents and their pups. The two parents stick together and are quite social. After a gestation period of about 2 months, the mother will give birth to 2 - 5 pups. The pups grow to be adults within 4 months.

Animals which hunt the Bat Eared Fox include Hyaenas, lions and leopards, but the fox’s acute sense of hearing helps identify these threats and gives it chance to escape.

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Bat Eared Fox


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