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Sharpe's Grysbok

Raphicerus sharpei

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Sharpe's Grysbok (Raphicerus sharpei) Silhouette

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Sharpe's Grysbok are very shy and rare. These solitary small antelope are roughly the size of a grey duiker, though their body is more squat and stocky in build. They have a reddish-brown coat streaked with narrow splotches of white and their backs have a characteristic hunched appearance. Males have short stubby horns.

These small antelope are rarely seen. By day they rest in the protective cover of tall grass or beneath the shady canopy of shrubs. They are very timid and dart off into concealment at the first sign of anything unusual. They feed mainly at night, browsing or grazing as the opportunity arises.


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Distribution map of the Sharpe's Grysbok
Distribution map
of the
Sharpe's Grysbok


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