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Burchell's Zebra

Equus burchelli

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Burchell's Zebra (Equus burchelli) Silhouette

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Burchell's Zebra with lighter brown stripe between dark stripes © C Du Plessis

Zebra Mare and her foal © C Du PlessisThe Burchell's Zebra is found in grassland savanna regions. They are sociable animals generally seen in herds of anything from a few Zebra to a few hundred and they are commonly seen grazing with wildebeest and other sociable species. Large herds of Zebra are made up of smaller family units composed of a stallion, several mares and their youngsters. Good grazing and availability of water are important habitat requirements and a herd will migrate to a better area if this is lacking.

Burchell's Zebras are differentiated from other zebra species by the light brown 'shadow-stripes' found between the black stripes, the black tufted tail and the black patch around its nostril.

Lions are the Zebra's main predator with new born zebra foals being most vulnerable to attack. A single foul is born after a gestation period of 12 months, usually during July to September.

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Distribution map of Burchell's Zebra
Distribution map
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Burchell's Zebra


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